MOVE Port Scanner tool is the best for checking an open or closed port within a system, network or a server in data-center, It works for you to find your desired ports opened or closed to avoid any kind of network leaking and any easy injection by Hackers.

FTP - 20 SSH - 22 SMTP - 25 HTTP - 80 IMAP - 993 RDP - 3389 POP3 - 110 Quick Scan[15 Port] Long Scan[36 Port]

    Port Checker Tool

    In the age of cyber crime, to remain secure and sound over the internet you, need to well familiar with your open ports. Move port checker tool is your free tool to track the open port in your system. This tool helps you to test whether port forwarding is doing their job or not. To familiar with what are ports and why you need a port checker tool? Scroll down and read the content for better understanding.

    What is a port?

    All of us well familiar with the fact that the basic purpose of the internet is to send and receive data. Internet where information moves into small packets through hardware like routers and madams, ports are the virtual pathways for information travel over the internet.

    Ports 0 to 1023 - these are popular ports used by most known companies of the world for providing their services like : MS SQL services runs on Port 1433, Mail services like POP3 uses Port:110, For IMAP Port number 143, SMTP uses port 25 and 26, Word Wide Web services HTML uses Port 80.

    Ports 1024 to 49151 - These are static ports, can be obtained by software corporations for specific protocols.

    Ports 49152 to 65536 - These are dynamics ports and can be used by any one for any purpose or for any specific protocol.

    Port Forwarding

    In your local LAN (local network) to transfer of data packets from the internet to your device or computer your router uses a special function that is called port forwarding. To prevent you from hacker attack this port will be closed, but in case that you are using a connection trout port service you need to open it. For example, if you are sign in with Microsoft services you need to open port TCP 80, 443, 1863.

    Important | Commonly Used Ports

    ftp-data (20), ftp (21), ssh (22), telnet (23), smtp (25), pop3 (110), https (443).
    This tool with catch your Currant IP address and check out the open ports and list it into a complete report, you can view all of your open and closed ports against your current IP address which is being used by your router. Its helps port forwarding, in case that you are indeed a service to connect through port on the router you need to open it.

    Why to use PORT CHECKER

    In the age of internet where cyber crime now becomes a hot topic among the IT specialists, security over the internet now becomes compulsory we should familiar with basic security standard of internet. To track the port records of your router we have designed a tool which is useful for checking your routers ports are open or close. This online security tool for ports help to check and list ports either they are open or your firework system has blocked it.

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    Most Popular ports

    FTP Control 21
    SSH 22
    Telnet 23
    SMTP 25
    DNS 53
    HTTP / Web 80
    POP3 110
    IMAP 143
    HTTPS 443
    IMAP SSL 993
    POP3 SSL 995
    MSSQL 1433
    REMOTE 3389
    VNC 5900